House of Green Featured In Anchorage Press

Aimee Altman
January 15, 2020
House of Green - Before.JPG
An eyesore turns into a bright new player in the Alaska cannabis game

The Anchorage Cannabis scene has a new player in town. It’s hard to miss the vibrant green building, located on the corner of 32nd and Minnesota. If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you may have noticed the construction taking place. Those two hard working gentlemen doing all the labor, tearing out insulation, redoing the roof? Those guys would be the owners, Mike Dillard and Steve Voth.

It’s clear that these guys have paid attention to detail when it comes to the quality of their work. One can see it displayed in the craftsmanship on the exterior of their building and that same quality vibe transcends the inside as well.

The House Of Green is the result of two longtime friends coming together, working hard, and making something beautiful happen.

It’s didn’t take much time for me to learn that Steve is a master grower. Besides being a wealth of information, he’s also a First Place Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Hybrid. His knowledge and passion is evident in the products these guys are producing. Currently, they have 11 strains testing over 20%, and that one, lone strain that didn’t make the cut and came in at 14.18%? They decided to discount that one, selling it for $30 an 1/8 or $200 an ounce.

They’re sure to make a ripple in the Anchorage Cannabis scene with their artisan style craftsmanship. They’re keeping it simple with a smaller, 20,000 watt, hydroponic grow system. They’re starting out with half pound batches, which allows them to put plenty of energy into their plants.

“We’re building a reputation around high quality buds at an affordable price,” said Mike.

When asked what they’re planning to do to set themselves apart, Steve replied, “Outstanding product is what we’re really aiming for and our customers are happy.”

Mike and Steve are committed to keeping their prices affordable. The most they’ll charge for an 1/8th is $60, which is more than fair when one considers the quality being offered.

Besides bringing the community outstanding weed, Mike and Steve have brought value back into the neighborhood with their renovation and security systems. Neighbors, who for many years have avoided answering unknown knocks at the door due to unwanted, potentially inebriated visitors, are finally starting to feel safe again. The vagrant foot traffic that once was commonplace in the neighborhood is now diminishing, likely due to the increase of security.

As the two walked me through their store, opening jars and allowing me to sniff their various offerings, their passion was obvious. These guys are interested in more than just growing and selling weed. They’re aiming to be the best by keeping it simple. When asked if they intended to have a manufacturers license in the future, Steve and Mike said they were going to go slow and steady. Rather than doing it all, they’re interested in being the best at what they do.

Mike and Steve are committed to keeping their standards of quality high in all of the products they offer. They look for other small growers to source, like Alaskan Rustic, who utilizes living soil in their grow. They’re picky about what they’ll sell. Keeping with their theme of small batches and quality weed, they seek out other small growers to work with.

One can be confident in finding a great strain, grown with love and skill, sold for a fair price, when visiting The House of Green. They’re currently open Mon-Sat 10-10, Sun 12-6, however their hours will be increasing as the sun comes back and Summer heads our way.

Hats off, Mike and Steve. This is the kind of place that makes me proud to be a part of the Cannabis industry in Alaska.